History Workshop

I have commissioned and edited the following pieces as an Editorial Fellow for History Workshop Online.

Shahmima Akhtar, ‘Ballymaclinton’ (Radical Objects)

Jessica White, ‘Police, Press & Race in the Notting Hill Carnival Disturbances’

Peter Leary, ‘Borders and Beyond’ (Radical History after Brexit)

Christopher Kissane, ‘Four Years On’ (Radical History after Brexit)

Rosa Salzberg, ‘Renaissance Lockdown: How Venice tried to Control the Plague’

Lucy Arnold, ‘ “They buried him at Worcester”: Heritage Sites, Historical Fiction, and a Local Look at Wolf Hall’

Charlotte Lydia Riley, ‘Taking Exception’ (Radical History after Brexit)

Kat Hill, ‘Awaiting Apocalypse: Anabaptists & the End of the World’

John Gallagher, ‘Against Monolingualism’ (Radical History after Brexit)

Hannah Murphy, ‘Skin before Colour in Early Modern Europe’

Afonso Dias Ramos, ‘Debating “Discoveries”: Colonialism & Public History in Portugal’

Louisa Uchum Egbunike, ‘Remembering Biafra’

Maggie Scull, ‘The Good Friday Agreement, 20 Years On’