Historian & Writer


I am a historian, writer and reviewer. My writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Irish Times, Tortoise and elsewhere, while I have featured on BBC TV & Radio as a New Generation Thinker, and on RTÉ Radio. My first book on food history is out now with Bloomsbury, and you can learn more about my research here. I am currently an Editorial Fellow at History Workshop, and an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London. I worked on Higher Education policy and public engagement for The Royal Historical Society (particularly last year focusing on our reports on race and gender in UK History). I was previously a Research Fellow in Economic History at the LSE, where I was a research partner on an EU project on the history of citizenship; my colleagues and I have recently published papers from our work in Theory & Society, the European Review of Economic History, and the Journal of Social History.  I also work with the Ireland’s Edge conference at the Other Voices festivals in Dingle and elsewhere, where I have hosted discussions on migration, identity, and sustainability.

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