Migration Nation

12308261_864915949714_4883242762477184039_nI was delighted to organise and host three discussion panels on Ireland’s ‘Migration Nation’ as part of the Ireland’s Edge conference at the Other Voices festival in Dingle. You can watch all three on video here. I spoke to Prof. Piaras Mac Éinrí and Sr Lena Deevy about their decades of work on migration issues; Elizabeth Reapy, Angie Gough, and Maurice O’Brien about emigration and return; and to Taqwa al-Hariry, Zainab Boladale, and Marcin Piotrowski about immigration. Many thanks to all my guests, and to Juno King, Muireann Kelliher, Philip King, Nuala O’Connor, Dermot McLaughlin and everybody else for their help!

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